Pitch vs Pitch — Brainstorming Techniques & Storyboarding for Commercials and Branded Content

Pitch vs Pitch — Brainstorming Techniques & Storyboarding for Commercials and Branded Content

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Brainstorming ideas is no easy task — and it gets even more difficult when you’re trying to come up with commercial ideas for marketing a product. Pitching a marketing strategy starts with understanding what that product is and how best to communicate that to the intended demographics. In this video, we’ll go through the process of marketing a product with brainstorming techniques.

Brainstorming techniques for marketing a product starts with understanding the value proposition — what does this product do and how does that provide value to the consumer? After that, other brainstorming activities you can try include free association and research which can lead to further ideas on how to sell a product.

Our subjects in this pitch competition have to come up with branded content ideas for a motor oil product — something neither of them has much knowledge of or experience with. But after utilizing some of these brainstorming techniques, the commercial ideas start to flood in. Storyboarding is a key element in any sort of marketing presentation because making these ideas visual is absolutely important to help communicate the commercial ideas directly to the client.

Brainstorming techniques and storyboarding branded content commercial ideas is the name of the game. With these tools under your belt, you’ll be able to approach pitch competitions and marketing presentations with the confidence of a true professional.

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