‘Parasite’ director on secrets of good filmmaking – lunch breaks

‘Parasite’ director on secrets of good filmmaking – lunch breaks

Director Bong Joon-Ho’s “Parasite” is no stranger to winning awards. After arriving in Cannes the same day as ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’, it ended up being given the prestigious Palme D’Or, the highest prize at the french film festival.

Now, the Korean film has been trailblazing through awards season winning prizes everywhere and is currently up for Best Picture at the Oscars.

The film has become beloved by critics and audiences alike. However, the success is an anathema to director Bong.

When asked why he though the film had resonated with audiences, he told Reuters at the Oscars Luncheon “I would actually ask you why. I had no idea while I was creating the film. All I was thinking about was that I was making this small Korean movie but I did know that it had its own strength and that it would provide a lot of food for thought for people but I didn’t realize it would be so successful in the US and Japan and France. I think I need to think about it more. Right now, I’m just busy manoeuvering through this situation and event.”

He added “A couple of days ago, the US distributor told me that the box office had surpassed 30 million for ‘Parasite’ in North America and with the nominations, we’ve been expanding the screens and of course, all these award nominations and awards are good but more importantly it’s great that the film has gained a wider audience through this exposure.”

The film has not only been praised for its direction, but the cast also picked up the coveted Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards, the award show for the best in acting.

After being asked what the secret is to getting great performances from his cast and crew, Bong joked “Keep lunch time! I’m always the most hungry person on set so for me, it’s very important to keep lunch set.”

And if the film wasn’t enough to sate audiences’ appetites, Bong is working on a TV series with ‘Vice’ and ‘The Big Short’ writer/director Adam McKay.

“Currently we are in the very fun early stages of just pouring out ideas with Adam McKay and HBO. Things are very open ended right now. We intend to explore and expand the depth and quality of the themes that the film ‘Parasite’ has so that audiences that have watched the original film can still enjoy the series,” Bong said.

‘Parasite’ is in six categories at the Academy Awards, which will take place in Hollywood on February 9.


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