Halloween Haunted Movie Theater Facade (Pt.9) Faux Finish Paint Techniques For The Theater

Halloween Haunted Movie Theater Facade (Pt.9) Faux Finish Paint Techniques For The Theater

Make an old abandoned cinema Halloween facade. How to build and paint a movie theater facade series. Join us as we begin a new Halloween Home Haunting project for The West Coast Haunters Convention. We are constructing a trade show booth that will look like an old 1920’s movie theatre marquee entrance. The front of this haunted cinema will look run down, old, and abandoned. We are designing the set as we go. Each day we work on the scenery together we will add as much detail and we can think up and vlog as much as we can. We hope to share some of the creative process in the making of this walk through trade show booth. We hope you join us for this fun project and who knows we may learn some new ideas and techniques. In this video we start to paint the ticket booth, walls, and ceiling of the old haunted movie theater. In this Making An Old Abandoned Movie Theater Part Nine we paint the false double doors to the theater facade. We share how we faux marble finish and also start to paint a damaged and old plaster wall look to the hollywood flats.

Making An Old Abandoned Movie Theater Facade

Ceiling Trim For An Abandoned Theater Facade

Framing An Abandoned Ticket Booth

Adding Decorative Moulding & Choosing Colors

Making Doors And Handles Fit For A Facade

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