Built My First YouTube Studio, Here’s What I Learned

Built My First YouTube Studio, Here’s What I Learned

Before this youtube studio setup, I recorded with a webcam so the change was pretty drastic. I’m making this video to hopefully help other people looking to upgrade their equipment.

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Camera Setup:
Panasonic lumix G7 –
Magnus VT-300 Camera Tripod –
Lexar Memory Card 128gb –

Audio Setup:
Zoom h5 (Renewed) –
Sennheiser MKE600 (Renewed) –
Movo Shock Mount –
XLR Cable –
Boom Stand –
Memory Card 32gb –

Light Setup:
Godox sl-60w –
Heavy Duty Light Stand –
32″ Softbox –
Umbrella Light Kit –


ES_On the Edge of Change – Brightarm Orchestra

-Giuseppe Tartini Devils Trill Sonata

Video Script (Most of it)

I made this YouTube studio because I was tired of recording with a webcam. I wanted to be more professional. So I invested in equipment I thought would put me ahead of the competition. Little did I know my magic trick of putting money into shit content equaled… you guessed right, shit content.

as you can guess It didn’t make a difference when it came to the views I got. I now realize that I should have just focused on making better content with what I had then upgrade with time. The job I ended up getting wasted a lot of time which made me stop uploading videos, as a result, my views dropped. Just something to note if your thinking about doing something similar.

-The Godox SL-60w, Is my key light. I put it on the Neewer Heavy Duty Light Stand with a Neewer 32 inch softbox. This is a great budget replacement for an aperture light. Then the rest of my lighting consists of these 3 umbrella lights. Unfortunately, I can’t put the umbrellas on most of them since they will reflect off my posters.

-My Audio Setup is probably the best part of my studio. I have the
Sennheiser MKE 600 with a Movo shock mount hooked up with an XLR to my zoom h5, with a SanDisk 32GB memory card. It’s all rigged on an amazon basics boom stand. An important thing to note is that I got my zoom h5 cheaper than you can buy a new h4n just by getting A Renewed version. I also want to quickly say that if you’re using the mke 600 make sure to always take out the batteries once you’re done with it. If not the battery will corrode and damage your microphone. They have a warning in the manual. Right here.

-For my camera, I got the Panasonic g7 with the kit lens since its the best budget camera you can probably get on the market. Since I bought it used and was able to get 100 dollars off. I have the Lexar 128GB memory card for storage and it’s all on this Magnus VT-300 Tripod

I made a lot of mistakes when I bought my equipment. The first problem I ran into one was the glare I would get from my posters. The space I’m using is actually quite small. It’s in a bedroom which means it looks like a porn studio… But This also meant I didn’t have flexibility when it came to finding an angle where I wouldn’t get glare and still looked good.

The second was putting too much money into audio for my budget. I spent $521 on audio when I should have bought something like a TAKSTAR SGC-598 or the Rode VideoMicro and use that extra money to fix some of the problems I had. I could have bought 2 extra lights replace the glass behind me with Plexiglas for less glare, buy a lens and still have enough money left over to have the same quality of wonder women’s CGI. The audio would sound worse but honestly, it would have been more than worth it for the improved image and time spent on the angles… If you look closely, Every video I uploaded had a different angle.

The 3rd mistake I made was not investing enough in good lighting. I bought these umbrella lights which ended up giving me a headache since they weren’t strong enough to light the background. The kit lens only goes to an aperture of 3.5 which is not enough for these weak lights. So I end up having to use 3 of them to light my background. This makes it look uneven.

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