Biggest Golden Globes SNUBS Throughout The Years!

Biggest Golden Globes SNUBS Throughout The Years!

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Now that we are officially in 2020, award season is well underway. From now until next month, pretty much every weekend is another award show and I honestly can’t get enough of it.

Seriously, when people ask what my favorite season is, the answer isn’t winter, spring, summer, or fall… it’s award season.

And my favorite award show out of all of them is the Golden Globes because it covers both film and TV. So all of my favorite stars are under one roof at the same award show, it’s truly a dream.

But even for award season lovers like me, there’s always some frustration that comes with the season. Every year there are some serious snubs for some of our favorite shows, movies, and celebs.

Like hello academy or whoever gets to decide these things, are you living under a rock?!

And with tonight being the Golden Globes, we decided to look back on some of the biggest Golden Globes snubs of this year and years past right here on Listed.

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