Animator Breaks Down Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep19 (Demon Slayer)

Animator Breaks Down Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep19 (Demon Slayer)

I love this scene from Demon Slayer. I think it’s really beautifully made and wanted to use this video to celebrate and learn from it.

There have been some misconceptions about the role of CGI for this. And the Canipa Effect just brought out an informative video that explains more about the role of CGI in these productions:

They are used for the BGs of the scene and for pre-vis, but hand drawn animation still forms the core of the visuals and my thoughts on the auto-inbetweening still stand.

I have decided to disable comments on the video. The majority of comments people have been leaving have been, emotionally charged, misunderstood and a little disrespectful. I no longer want it clogging up my comment feed. So let me reinforce a few points I made, and then I am moving on from this subject for good:

– I stand by what I said, it is not revolutionary. I chose my words very carefully in that sentence. The scene will not change the direction of the animation ecosystem in a big way. I do not believe it breaks conventions. Masterful? Yes. Compelling? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Revolutionary. No, that’s taking it too far. And people are saying that the quality is reason enough to say it is game changing. But the scene can certainly be compared in overall quality to the final scene in Sword of the Stranger, as just one example. To treat it as if it is on a pedestal above all other animations is ignorant.

– I don’t need the context of the series to make an analysis of the scene. Sure, it would have given me more insight into the story, but I also gained a point of view from seeing the scene completely out of context.

– I am aware of the facts I got wrong when it came to the backstory, lore and special powers / abilities of the characters. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me at all, and I don’t think it should matter to you either. It is just an animation analysis.

– People are saying that I am reacting negatively to the scene, or that I dislike the scene. Guys, I love the scene. I wouldn’t spent all this time writing, shooting and editing the video if I felt it’s not worth talking about.

This channel is about learning animation. Life is too short for me to continue getting roped into arguments about your favorite anime. If all you want is confirmation that “your” anime is “the best” anime, you won’t find that on my channel. I want nothing to do with you.

I’m sorry for those who left well thought-out, helpful comments. Unfortunately, you were in the minority. I almost regret making this video, just because I obviously kicked the bee hive and have attracted the wrong kind of people to my channel. But I’m not going to take the video down because there are people who are actually learning from this content.

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