1902 Le Voyage Dans la Lunby Georges Méliès

1902 Le Voyage Dans la Lunby Georges Méliès

Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès (1902)

George Melies’s `A Trip to the Moon’ welcomes a change in film making of the twentieth century. Combined with live action as well as models, the movie tells a story about astronauts who take a trip to the moon. The moon, having a human face captures the astronauts after they crash into its eye. They later escape the moon and it’s moon-men and make it back to earth safely. Melies wrote, directed and starred in this movie. He used many important techniques in his films to make them successful. Not only did he develop editing skills and superimposed images, he also used double exposure to complete the magic behind his films. Still used today, Melies’s special effects, small models, painted backgrounds, weird makeup and costumes were just some of the important things used in the movie `A Trip to the Moon.’ – by uoi_chick

Trivia: While on the moon, the astronomers watch the Earth rise over the horizon. To a person on the moon, the Earth never moves. It does not rise or set.
France 1 September 1902
USA 4 October 1902
Sweden 29 October 1902 (Gothenburg)
Netherlands 21 November 1902 (Amsterdam)
Japan 9 August 1905

Lumiere Cinematographe
Film length (metres)
257.56 m
Film negative format (mm/video inches)
35 mm
Cinematographic process
Printed film format
35 mm
Aspect ratio
1.33 : 1

Also Known As (AKA)
Le voyage dans la lune France (original title)
A Trip to the Moon International (English title)
Viagem à Lua Brazil / Portugal
A Trip to Mars USA (copyright title)
Cesta na Mesíc Czechoslovakia (Czech title)
Die Reise zum Mond Germany
Een avontuur bij de maan Netherlands
Matka kuuhun Finland
Op reis naar de maan Netherlands (alternative title)
Podróz na ksiezyc Poland
Reisen til månen Norway
Resan till månen Sweden
Utazás a Holdba Hungary
Viaggio nella Luna Italy
Viaje a la luna Spain
Voyage to the Moon (undefined)


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